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Encaustic Painting is a hot wax process. It involves using a hot beeswax, resin, and pigment mixture which is melted on a hot plate and then applied onto a surface either by brush, pouring, or dripping.  As the layers of wax are added, they must be fused, or remelted, to the previous layer of wax.  I primarily use a propane torch or heat gun for fusing my layers.  To achieve more detail, I will also use a wood burning tool with different attachments to help me achieve the effect I am looking for.  Transparent layers of wax can also be added by using a pigment-free clear encaustic medium.  This is an extremely versatile medium.  Heavily textured paintings can be achieved as well as an extremely smooth surfaces.  One can use tools to scrape back down to previous wax layers or add interesting marks and texture.  This medium works well for collage type work as drawings, photographs, and other elements can be imbedded in the wax.  Encaustic paintings have a luminous quality unlike any other medium as light can travel through the different layers of wax.  This is one of the oldest painting mediums and was used by the Greeks and Romans and has also been found to have been used in ancient Egypt. 

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